Sunday, January 11, 2009

the worth of the weekend

I'm being lazy.

I did spend the afternoon with Nana yesterday. She is doing better than expected. Although, I felt a tad guilty about not spending Christmas with her. At least she had Jay and his girlfriend. And she seems pleased that Jay has met a nice girl. Finally. I guess they both entertained her. They took her shopping. Jay even put on a bit of a concert there where she's staying. They had everyone singing and moving around a bit which was a big laugh to her. She had lots of good things to say about Jay. Actually, I don't think I've ever heard her say anything good about him until now. So it made me smile. Hopefully, he knows these things.

I think Lon broke up with Irma, but I'm not sure. He's not really talking at the moment. And I gotta wonder about how he's doing. He's working. I mean, he could probably really get a good job in banking or something if he finished school. Only he said something along the line that they aren't hiring in those kind of jobs.

He'd gone to visit some school friend of his who's a plummer. He went to their brand new house and stayed over. They have a new baby. He talked about it with a little bit of envy, I guess. I think it just depressed him more. Like thats all we need.

And then there is Steph. We hung out mostly here Friday night. I don't think I bore her. I don't think about those sort of things when I'm with her. We played guitar hero. She's pretty good. Its funny how it doesn't have to take that much to keep us happy. And we've gone on walks in the cold. And we kiss near the end. You know, its like something you can't wait to get to, but you have all these little adventures... spotting skunks, running from the skunks or seeing some strange plant along the way that you spot. And then its like reaching a special destination. Usually the top of hill by the thicket of oak trees where we kiss. And its always worth it.


taffy. said...

steph is the right one right now.

Sydney said...

i like that jay has a nice girl also ;)

dapper kid said...

Aww this was sweet. I always think you know you have something special with someone, when you can be happy doing the little things.

Cate said...

Oh, how lucky Lonnie is to have time to be lazy.
Oh, I like Jay. I do. And it's so good that Nana finds good things to say about him too.
I wonder what is going to happen to Sarah now. I would sort of like it if she got together with Lon again.
Steph seems to be better for Lonnie than Sarah, now I think about how much Lonnie used to worry his head off whenever he was with Sarah.

Cate said...

Oh, I'm almost scared to go and see how much I've missed on ellie and friends... I was very short on time :)