Monday, January 19, 2009


I'm so sticky now. Waffles and sausage this morning. Maybe I should go back to bed. Ha.

Yesterday was great for horseback riding. We, Steph & me, went on an old sheep trail around Ben's. I guess that's what it was..a thin trail of some kind. It was mild out. Not too bad. Steph had never gone horseback riding before so she was hesitant.

"Just don't let them know you're scared," I told her. She had great fun petting their noses and feeding them carrots that we brought. I was so glad Ben let us do this. He's got a nice place. The old farm house right on the road, then past the back yard and the chicken coop is the barn which is so tidy and all. A big watering hole, and past that is all this land of bare grass and cactus. Of course. Its a little rocky, hilly, plenty of oak and then a few mesquite. But they did their damnedest to rid the place of those trees a long time ago. Unlike out at Jay's which is mostly mesquite. My grandmother never minded. She could always make mesquite jelly from the beans. It taste like wild honey. Her prickle-pare jelly was always great, too.

So yeah, we went back in the back country saw a few cows. Ben's got some super big cattle too with names I have no idea to spell the breed correctly. They can be frightening. It bothered Steph and even me so we got the horses in the road and just went up to where this deserted town used to be. But there are a lot of normal black Angus too.

Later, dinner at Jay's who had all his Madonna songs on. It was funny. I had no idea he had such a major crush on her, but he's got her LPs. He's always wanted to be her boy-toy. That just made me laugh. Thank God, he didn't dance.

Anyway, I have boring stuff to do like math, laundry and cleaning up my room. I promised I'd take my siblings our for pizza. I think Lon is going to come to, and of course, Steph.


Cate said...

Waffles and sausage! How cool! Sweet or spicy waffles?
I have been horseback riding a few times but I'm STILL hesitant. Haha.
I love Lonnie's entries, I really do. And I get to like Jay more with every entry you write.

taffy. said...

yummy, prickly pear!

the madonna-jay part is adorable.

Emily Anne said...

This post was so funny! I really enjoyed it...I wan to go horse back riding so bad now! xD

StéfanO Kut said...

kuuma..?? asahsauhsau

Cate said...

Thank you so much for your birthday wishes <3.

Cate said...

Thank you, I'm happy you liked my comment on Ellie and Friends! Yes, tact. You definitely have to wonder about that.
Sometimes it seems to me like Amanda and her brothers aren't really family at all, just a community of more or less strangers.
Thanksyou :)

dapper kid said...

I so have to try horse riding at some time in my life. And sometimes cows can be a tad scary up close, especially when they chase you!! Oh and I'm thinking of growing the hair, simply because I can't afford to get it cut!