Saturday, February 28, 2009

the beast of burden

Sorry, its been a week. But well, farming and ranching can take a toll on you.

Frank's been in the hospital. He had some chest pains, but they didn't find anything wrong which was a surprise, actually. Anyway, we (Steph & Me) ended up staying the night with his wife. That was kind of strange. Really. I'm not sure who was more scared. Me or Steph.

Steph is a little frightened of her old tom cat Gooch, who doesn't have a tail. He's a big cat and roams where ever he pleases. He's pretty and all, but has a mind of his own. He actually likes Steph, but she still fears he might claw her.

So yeah, the night we were over. Well, you know, it was like we didn't sleep together or anything. Steph actually had the guest room and I had the couch. Anyway, middle of the night, here comes Mrs. Hough with a candle, checking up on me. God, I thought she was going to give me a heart attack. She was so afraid I was sleeping with Steph. As if they would be the worst thing in the world. I tell you, I really wanted to be in Steph's room with the door locked. That Mrs. Hough scares me.

Oh yeah......

Lon got a job out on a ranch in Sanderson. I believe. He's out with his dogs looking for wild cats. He's all excited. Actually. I don't know why he did it. I wish he would have talked it over with us, but he just upped and left. He said he had to jump on it. This job. Go figure.

Its been a tough week.


taffy. said...

Lon'll be back.
He always comes back.

Jaky M. said...

so, the profile picture is you, right?
anyway, that image looks like a lioness, lol, but it's a tree or something?

Cate said...

So nice of Lonnie and Steph to stay the night with Frank's wife... What luck that the doctors didn't find anything wrong.
I can understand why Mrs. Hough scares Lonnie and Steph... It would have given me a heart attack if she suddenly came checking m#with a candle.
That picture looks really interesting! What kind of animal is it? And where did you take the picture?
By the way, I gave you and your blogs an award and wrote a little paragraph about you!

Cait said... that is a mountain lion.

James said...

Hope that the week will get better for you. We all have those weeks where we just wanna collapse and fall down and just stop living, but I guess you kept going through. congrats.

Sydney said...

lon, why are you running away from me?!?!