Tuesday, February 3, 2009

do something

Oh God....

Its gonna be Valentines day before I know it.

And well, things haven't been ...you know, perfect lately. I want it to be with Steph. But with the studying and test and you know, that other stuff.

Jen's been nice to her, but you know, I think that's fake and so does Steph.

So yeah, Valentines day.

Good old Valentines day.

Just wish I could do something that was you know, good. Not something sexy or strange or overboard. Just good. I know. I'm a bright boy. I should think of something. Right?

Haven't yet?

I want things to be OK with us. You know, I'm not expecting anything really.

Stupid holiday. Many Candy everywhere. Sugar high. Really.

I know, quit being a pain in the butt about it. And do something.


taffy. said...

you'll figure it out!

Cait said...

Valentines day isn't all its cracked up to be..sometimes.