Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day! hasn't been anything I've expected.

See we ended up at Wal-mart. Steph and me. And you know those flowers I mentioned. Well, she wanted to plant some instead. So that was the only place we could look into. And then, I got to talking to Mr. Hough and his wife. Who I hadn't seen in ages.

He had an operation on his right hand for his carpal tunnel, but he didn't know he had to stop doing everything for e the next six weeks. Anyway, he fell while he was feeding.

"Damn, if those bulls didn't look at me as if I was on TV or something." Thankfully, he got himself up. He's way up in his seventies. So he talked to me some more and they were real pleasant to Steph too. And I got twenty bucks for nothing. Well, he wants me to do all his feeding for him starting tomorrow and whatever projects might come up. I guess.

It was sort of fluke. I guess. But I'm happy about it. I hope he gets well. He loves to make whips and he's always busy with his hands.

Other than that we just made that oatmeal chocolate candy stuff at Steph's house and watched the DVD I got her. And I fell asleep. Well, she did too. Probably the sweet stuff.

So now I got cleaned up. Going out again. We're suppose to meet Jay and his date aka my English teacher for steak over at Lowake. Good stuff. Steph has never been there before. I think she'll like it.


Sydney said...

happy valentine's :)

Cate said...

It's so cool about how Lonnie knows so many different people. Somehow I like Mr. Hough.
Sounds like a really happy Valentine's Day.

Cait said...

sound so interesting..glad he's gonna work for the rancher.

taffy. said...

steph and lonnie's relationship is so sweet.

Emily Anne said...

That's so cute and sweet!

.:aliella♥:. said...

happy belated valentine's day..

i tagged you..
see my blog for info ;]

grey~eyes said...

thanks :)
I like this blog :)
Gee :D

Jaky Astik said...

Thanx Thanx. Happy valentine's day. Actually, I celebrate that daily.

Jaky Astik said...

thank you so much for the comment love. I will be here more often.