Thursday, February 5, 2009

left hanging

I don't know if Lon is being on the up and up with me. I think he's still seeing Sarah. Maybe.

He's changed, you know. Don't know if I can exactly explain it. But he has. I know he's in contact.

No more attitude. Hasn't had a fight in months with anyone. Really, not like Lon at all. And he's being extra nice to me.

"Well, why shouldn't I be, your my brother." He sounded hurt that I would have asked him about it.

He just tells me to take it easy and everything is gonna be all right.

"What are you talking about?"

That's where he left it. He won't tell me.

I talked to Steph about it, and she just smiled. Says she likes it when I worry about my brother.

I swear I'm not worried. I'm not.


Cate said...

About "do something": I think too that Jen's friendliness is fake. If I was Steph, I'd razher she'd leave me alone.
I've never got a Valentine's gift. I don't think Lonnie has to worry that much about it. I'm sure Steph would be happy about just a card and some chocolates, or even just an I Love You scribbled on a spare piece of notepaper.

Hmm... What's going on with Lon? This is mysterious.

I can't think why people wouldn#t want to see Milk? Weird.

Cait said...

aw..that's cute..but perhaps Lon is actually worried about you.

dapper kid said...

I'm hoping that's a change in character for the better, although it's weird when people start acting nice out of nowhere!

giggleness said...

yess it really is weird when ppl suddenly start being really nice to you. its like umm okaaay.