Sunday, February 8, 2009

on the prairie

So maybe Lon might be moving. So you know, he'll be closer to Sarah. Which kind of freaked me out because really, he should be working more and all with all the stuff happening and the lack of jobs and all. He's talking about it. Don't know if he'll do it. I helped him with a trap line. He's gotten a few red fox, and he killed a coyote. He swears he spotted a mountain lion.

You must think this is awful, but they are the culprits that eat the sheep. And well, there are just too many of them. And it really doesn't bother Lon a bit to do this since there are ranchers out there that will pay him to do it. Its just a might lonely out there on the prairie. I guess you can do a lot of thinking while you're all alone. I gotta say, we really are close to that country No country for old men.

My step-mom gets a little worried about him. I mean, he can be gone all day looking for coyotes on those ranches. So I got to have some times with my brother yesterday out on the range in his pick up truck.

He's back to chewing. His whole truck gives a new definition to minty fresh. He's gotta have a pack of snuff rubbing a hole in his back pocket, and he spits and well, I won't ever do it.

Steph and I had a big discussion on it. She says its bad for you. Which it is. And its just gross.

"Yeah, I know." I told her.

"You gotta promise you won't even try it." I know she'd know if I did.

"I won't."

Anyway, she's spent her weekend working on some dress for homemaking. Since she's pretty good at that...well, she has a couple of girls from that class coming over so she could help them with their patterns and what not. She's also working on some sort of recycling project with some outfit she doesn't like anymore. She's trying to remix it. I guess.

So she's doing all this sewing stuff with Caroline and Jodi, and I got to sleep with my eyes open most of the day. Opening and shutting gates mostly.

With Lon, I guess its really over with Irma. He got sucked back in to Sarah again.

"Why? Why would you do that?" I don't know why he'd want to give up on Irma since she's really sweet and she's got a good job, and she's always had a thing for him.

"I just have to figure this out with Sarah." He says. But I think...he feels he owes her. I wish he'd stop feeling that way because I don't think I owe her anything at all. And if that sounds wrong, well, I can't help it. I really can't.


another.ellie said...

That must have been an interesting day with Lon.

taffy. said...

lon and sarah are destined. so many kids in houston dip.

Cait said...

Oh..Lon..he reminds me of someone I know..and its not Mitch Hewer..either.

Ivyoaks said...

I luv Lon. even when he dips.

Cate said...

No Country For Old Men... I liked that film.
Poor irma, though.

dapper kid said...

A mountain lion?! And I think it's one of those situations where hunting animals is actually justified, I defo don't want to see the remains of a sheep after they're finished eating it!

Jaky Astik said...

and at least tell me who is u in the header? :D