Thursday, February 12, 2009

the way it is

OK, the truth is I know Lon wants to get back with Sarah. I still don't know what happened for him to want to change his mind about her. And it doesn't matter. If that's what he wants, then he should go for it.

I told this to Steph and I'm not sure she really wanted to hear it. I hate that I talked about it, but I couldn't talk to anyone else about it, but here.

I know I should just go to bed.

I guess Ellie is really broke up with Eric now. She's going out with Elliot. I still think she should give Eric another chance. But she's moving on.

I guess I should move on too. But I'm not sure I'm moving as fast as Ellie is.

Steph just makes me smile. I hope I made up for all that talking about Sarah. We kissed on the couch for quite awhile tonight in the livingroom doing homework.

Man, I still wish I was kissing her. I'm wanting her so bad at the moment. I don't know if thats good or bad. I think its for all the right reasons. Its not because I want to forget about Sarah. Its not. I have a feeling though...Steph might not believe me.

I'm getting Steph flowers, chocolates and the Nick and Norah's infinite playlist movie. I hope that's enough. We'll probably go out for pizza.


taffy. said...

it's enough. the more you tell steph you just want to be with her, the less she'll believe you, even if it's true. show her.

Cate said...

Hmm... I wonder if Lonnie knows that Eric's moving on too.. .If he is, that is.
I think the presents for Valentine's Day are awesome. I wanted to see that film so bad!! I didn't make it [again] though.. I think it would make Steph's day if Lonnie told her "I love you" on the date. No, "I'm in love with you".

aiLee920 said...

happy valentine's day!!!


dapper kid said...

Ahh flowers and chocolate, I always think they are a bit of a bog standard gift idea to be honest.

Jaky Astik said...

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Gratitude. and I will love to hear you funny life stuff. thanx. I will keep in touch. bye.