Wednesday, March 4, 2009

about to drop

Oh yeah, I'm still around.

Tired. I'm dragging. My Dad is at least helping Mr. Hough now. Unfortunately, that just means me taking orders from my dad. Like I ever thought that would happen. My Step-Mom thinks this is our bonding moment. Who talks like that? Just her.

Maybe he misses Lon, who is having a blast off in West Texas. No one to keep tabs on him. I guess. But my Step is worried sick. She just knows a drug lord or something might find him on that mule he goes off on to find those coyotes. He packs a pistol and a rifle at all times. I guess you could say he's off in No country for old men territory.

At least Steph and I aren't staying at the Hough's. I do think we might have had enough country living to last us for awhile. Well, we both live in the country, but that's really a ranch house, you know. Its old and falling apart, and they've got way too much crap. And what is the most strangest yet kind of like art are all the phone numbers written by the phone in the hallway. They cover the walls. So stuff has been up there for a couple of decades, I suppose. Don't know how they figure it out. Plus, Mr. Hough's doodling which is quite funny at time, cows and horses.

Really, though, it could be a cool place if it were cleaned up. It might be just as good as Ben's operation. I will say, he does know how to keep it clean. Must have been something he learned from his Dad. Wish he wasn't so busy.

Anyway, I am so tired. I have homework. I want to be in bed by nine, but I have a feeling Steph will call about then and I'll just lay in bed, talking to her. Which is quite nice even if we talk about nothing.


dapper kid said...

I think a bonding session might be nice really. And I am looking forward to reading the Lon drug mule story arc ;)

Ivyoaks said...

Lon on a mule. and a pistol and rifle. Could I ask for anything mroe?

Cate said...

I love the No country for old men reference.
That phone at the Hough's must be a real piece of art, with all the numbers written down beside the phone... I always doodle when I'm talking on the phone as well.

Allison said...

lol no i didn't buy him a book i had to buy a philosophy book because if i didnt he said he'd bite me lol

Emily Anne said...

I always love how lonnies days end.

P.S. I just wanted to thank you so much Ellie for all your constant comments on my blog. I can tell you honestly read what I write and that gives me such a great feeling! Your really the best.


frances said...

A drug lord, a mule, coyotes, a pistol, a rifle. I love it.