Sunday, March 8, 2009

asleep at the wheel

What did I do this weekend?

For starters. I hated the time change. I really did. I've been dragging around most of the day.

I spent the morning with Jay. We went to see my Nana & I almost went to sleep with my eyes open. I felt bad about that. Just couldn't help it.

Jay made lunch and it was so rich and tastey and yeah, he puts real bacon fat in his refried beans, and I'll probably be farting into next Friday. But it was good. Everything he made. Homemade tortillas. The best. Soft and perfect. Just the way Nana would. But she's on a diet so she didn't get to eat any of it.

Then I went to spend the afternoon with Steph and lounged around a good bit.


We are getting closer to that thing happening. It was just a bit chancey. You know, IT could have really happened in her room which I don't know if I can actually talk about with her. I mean, we haven't and well, I almost made love to Steph in my sleep. I don't want to think it was just sex, because it wasn't. I mean, I don't feel that way that its just one of those, well, lets get undressed and just do it.

It wasn't like that. I mean, I was just kind of watching TV next to her and well, we're kissing, so slowly, smiling, and I'm all sleepy and gradually one thing lead to another. It could have really happened. So easily. But it didn't.


OK, I'm home now. Trying to do homework. Trying to get Steph out of my mind. But uh, I can't. Nope. Can't do it. She just amazing, you know. And beautiful too. And its this shock I gotta get used to...that I really want her. I do.

Man, I hope I go to sleep tonight. I've been tired all day.


James said...

I think that you should decide with what you think is best. If you really love this person, and are willing to accept what could happen, then I think you should do what you want. The food sounds really good.

Jaky Astik said...

you? homework? are you serious?

simon n josh said...


I knew it would happen sooner or later.

Be good now.

dapper kid said...

Aww haha this was rather cute in a way.

Emily Anne said...

Again! You have the best and sweetest endings.

And thanks for the advice Ellie. I actually might really look into getting tat book!

Cate said...

At least Lonnie hasn't had so much time to write, so I didn't miss too much during my absence.. :-)
Wow, Jay's lunch sounds really good. Who cares about the beans, as long as it tastes good? :-)
Making love in your sleep... I wonder how that works. When I was a kid, I thought that was how it always worked, because of the phrase "sleeping with somebody".
But it's a good thing that he wants her, right?