Sunday, March 15, 2009

out in the sticks

OK, its been rainy. And cold. Yeah, go figure.

Now its just muddy, and I've done something to my tongue. Not that one had anything to do with the other. No, and it wasn't during kissing, either. Don't know what I did. I think I just bit my tongue. And I don't remember doing it.

So yeah, more feeding cattle hay. What else is new. Steph helped. We got it done in like almost an hour. Its the driving. Opening and shutting gates. Oh, yeah, just terribly exciting. Kind of like school. I mean, I gotta be happy that its so dull and boring. Nobody trying to shoot anybody. Like in town. Well, not the town we are close to because its basically a ghost town. And even in the little towns not so far away are pretty much OK too. I mean, yeah, ever so often there is this random thing where some-body's grandmother hit some teenage kid in the head with a frying pan when he sneaked in to steal silverware or something.

I guess the wildest story I remember was a friend of Jay's who raped the teacher's aid. He hid in her closet and well, it was wild. Sort of. Anyway I was asking Jay about that because Steph had asked me about it and what do we get. "He was no friend of mine." So they smoked pot together.

And that is all Jay is saying.

You see we had been discussing Last house on the Left. Which has been remade and Sara Paxten is the girl who gets raped. The movie is actually based on a very old movie, Virgin Spring. Which I didn't know. Steph knew. So she was saying that there was this discussion about how the guy had to go ahead and kill the girl after all this torture because he was disgusted with himself, and wanted to put her out of her misery. In this guy's case. The fellow that Jay knew, he hung himself at the jail with a sheet. I think in the new version the girl might live. But since I'm not seeing it, I don't know for sure. And I really don't want Steph to see it because...well, just because. I don't think she wants to see it.

I mean, I hear its like the best all time horror film because its so 'personal'. Yet on the other hand you might call it torture porn at an R rating. See what we discuss out here in the sticks?


James said...

I like how your blog is just so honest. There was a guy that may have raped the teachers aid. the two of them smoked pot together. No sugar coating. Just facts and life and stuff. No problem with the honesty. It would appear we both have a talent for the honesty. :D

Cate said...

Rainy and cold... Sounds like our weather here.
Ew, biting your tongue is horrible and it hurts. And once it happens to you once, you bite your tongue all the time. At least me. It's like a magnetism between tongue and teeth.
Haha, I am just imagining someone's grandmother hitting a teenage kid. I'm sure that kid deserved it.
Wow, that's a sad story about that acquaintance of Jay's. And in that film. That film must be frightening, and anyone who's watching it for entertainment reasons like a horror film really has no respect.

dapper kid said...

I always wonder what it would be like if I lived in the countryside as opposed to the city... And yick, I hate biting my tongue, it always seems like something only little kids should ever do!

Ivyoaks said...

I think it would be more scary living in the country, but maybe not. It would quiet.

Emily Anne said...

Rainy and cold definitley sets the tone for the day. This was sort of a gloomy, darkish day wasn't it? Like look what Lonnie is talking about. At lest hes with Steph out in the sticks.

And then there's Jay, what are we gonna do with him?!

p.s. thanks for your comment hun!

ivy's closet said...

such an interesting way to address this movie.

N a t a l i e. said...

Oh, I hope that the weather gets brighter for you soon! It's usually so rainy and cold here, it's been a nice change.

And ouch, I hate when I burn or accidentally bite my tongue! It takes forever to heal...

I saw the commercial for Last House On The Left, but I never knew what it was about before. That's so weird about the similarities to Jay's story.