Monday, March 23, 2009

short and sweet

OK, I had a dream I went out to that ranch to see Lon. And Steph was with me. Of course, I think I had more fun being with her than actually seeing Lon. Because in my dream he was hiding something from me. I don't know what it is. But I really do think he's hiding something from me.

Now I feel foolish for even thinking it. Cause, I don't know what it could be. I really don't.

Other than that school sucks. But when doesn't it. I am still doing stuff for the Houghs so I'm kind of busy.

I have to wonder what it feels like not to be tired. Track is starting. And I feel like I'm running in my sleep. My step-mom is starting to think I have mono. I don't know anyone who has it.


daily3things said...

lol, how can she call u that? anyway, study sucks to everyone. Don't worry about it that much.

Cate said...

Really, a short and sweet (?) update.
Yes, school sucks for me too now because I always think I'm going to get better grades than I actually get in the end and it's all so... well, it sucks.
That thing that Lon's hiding really got me intrigued. Can't wait to hear if Lonnie will discover the "secret"!
Dreams can be amazingly true to reality sometimes.

Matias Bouhet said...

school sucks for all the people over the world ahahha, good luck, dicover the secret! :)