Friday, April 24, 2009

not that much to write home about

Maybe I'm suffering from some post-trauma thing. You know Sarah. But I haven't been thinking about her. I haven't. Its Lon I'm worried about.

I mean, they aren't married. I don't think he would. And granted they live in like a, what do you call it, an old cowboy bunk house. Not the best conditions by any means. Its kind of crappy. Which is totally fucking crazy cause Lon wasn't raised that way. His Mom's rich. You know, he went to good schools when he was a kid and stuff.

He lived in Dallas, for Christ sakes. The good part of town, too. So you know, what gives? He's like all back to basics stuff now. Like survival crap with out the camouflage and war paint. Just real ranching. He says he might even start bull riding again. But then he can talk up stuff, you know. Its hard to believe him, sometimes. You know, how he was all set to marry Irma and how he told me all this shit- how they were so sexed up and what not. And then come to find out that wasn't even true. Maybe nothing is true with him. I dunno.

I wonder if he's really happy. Maybe deep down he's not all that hard to figure out. Maybe. Like he just wants to keep things simple. Maybe that's the way he wants it. The bare essentials. Nothing fancy. But I gotta wonder if Sarah is all that keen on that way of living.

I told my step-mom about what was going on. I was gonna keep quiet about it, but I just couldn't do it.

Yeah, I know, I should be thinking about Prom or something. But its nothing that fantastic. Really, dreading to hear what they find to dig up for the band to play. It'll be awful. Always is.


dapper kid said...

I'd like to think that having come from a more privileged background, he has sort of found himself. He is starting to enjoy the simple things in life, and that's what the new home stands for - basic but peaceful :)

Winnie said...

I think Dapper's right. I guess this is a big change for him and maybe it's a great feeling to be able to enjoy the more basic things in life.