Thursday, April 9, 2009

spring break

I dunno whats so great about it because I've been working my ass off. I know. I'm getting money so I should be pretty happy about that. Of course, I can think of easier ways to get paid. I'd really like to have a job in town where I'm actually learning something, you know, on the computer or whatever. Instead, Steph and I rode the fence line out on horseback. That was fun.

Steph brought along treats for us and the horses so that made me happy and well, you know, she makes me happy.

Dad's a little worried about grass fires. Not any yet. I guess the scariest one was this neighbors' last year. The fire first spread across the field behind the house and almost got the garden and their little eight year old was so scared. She made sure she got all her books out of the house. She didn't want them to burn up. Luckily they got that fire out in the nick of time.

We have been talking more about taking a road trip. Just not sure I should tell anyone where we are going. It'll be a surprise. I mean, I really gotta get away from here just to say we went somewhere, you know.

I know I'm being a wise ass probably. But we're going.



Cait said...

oh..boy..what are you up too.

Matias Bouhet said...

hey, spring break, sound great, here start the fall.... hahaha


Matias Bouhet said...

yeeeeeeeeeees! I see my blog SO DRAMATIC, I hate me, hahha Im really not depressive! but well, you know, we are the things we wear...I will change something on my blog, more color please hahah

thanks for the comment!

Juliet said...

Enjoy your break!

juliet xxx

Raquel said...

roadtrip is good!