Monday, April 27, 2009

thinking back

OK, now I feel a little bad about being so down on Lon.

He called. Gave me this pep talk about Prom. How I had to show Steph a good time. As if I didn't know how. Actually, he wasn't like that, but you know, telling me how I had take the time to enjoy the whole thing and do good things for Steph.

Yeah, he's an all right brother. Even though, he didn't talk about Sarah. Not once. And I was afraid to ask, and maybe its just useless to figure it out. Anyway.

I mean, I got Steph and well, we had an OK Homecoming, but I want Prom to be better. You know, cause we're really going out now. And I'm like her full-fledged boyfriend now. Granted, I'm not as macho as some of my guy friends are ..with their dates. Like they can't be hugged by the girl with the guys around and other stupid crap, like that.

I don't care. I'll hug Steph anytime I want to, you know. Or when she'll let me.

I don't know. I feel we're really good friends and that's important to me. We can talk about most anything. And well, she hasn't gone running off when the Houghs come calling and want us to do something. She's right there. Opening gates. She even sat on the calf other day while we were giving it a shot of something because it was sick. OK, we both had to sit on it, but didn't do much good. They're really strong.

And now I've got to think about Prom.


PpPpPpPa said...

i hope everything will be better ..
don't worry too much!!


dapper kid said...

Hopefully both will have a fabulous Prom. I have always been rather intrigued by the idea of Prom, given that we don't have anything like it in England. It sounds rather exciting :)

Winnie said...

I like that he doesn't mind hugging Steph in public!

Cait said...

Oh..I think it'll be a great prom.

Matias Bouhet said...

I hope everything will be better!! and I saw your comment "so we need yo see you in more hats" haha, and the new post is for you )? ahha, see you :)


Siska said...

I love your header!