Saturday, May 16, 2009

6 quirky things about Lonnie Love

1. I like to skateboard in an abandoned feedstore.

2. I like to explore old houses & buildings.

3. I like popcorn the day after I get it at the movie theater.

4. I love hats.

5. I like jerky for breakfast.

6. I like beans on my pound cake.

thanks em!


em said...

whoa those are pretty quirky:)

e.l. said...

Actually, it's been on my side bar for awhile. I thought I better just post it make sure I keep it.


dapper kid said...

Abandoned feedstore...pretty specific lol, but I like it :) And yeah, I always end up craving popcorn a few days after I go to the cinema.

Cait said...

Beans on the pound cake does not sound yummy..but its funny.