Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the end

1. what is (usually) the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?
take a piss.
2. what is (usually) the last thing you think about when you are falling asleep at night?
think about steph, sometimes lon and sometimes sarah.
3. in relationships, do you let your heart go all the way? or do you hold back from bonding with others?
it depends. usually, in the end my heart wins.
4. what keeps you sane amidst it all?
5. what drives you to (the brink of) losing it?
teachers. sometimes my step-brother when he's a hot head.
6. are you proud or ashamed of the way you live your life? (the way you act... the things you do... the things you say... the way you treat others...)
I think I'm doing ok at the moment. I've never had that many problems with others even though I think at times I should have when I look back on it now, but I didn't think they were worth the trouble to get that angry over. Except Jen. Who was a friend, but isn't anymore since I've gotten to know how she treats other people.
7. do you live your life for yourself? or do you live your life for others?
That is a good question. Its like a paradox. Um, yeah, I think I live well..for Steph and yet I know she makes me feel better about what I'm able to do too. She makes me feel loved.
8. do you feel like you have control of your life?
Most times. My parents are there for me. Actually. And I feel I have to be there for my Dad. At least. Not so sure about my Mom.
9. how many years have you been living so far? almost 17.
10. what is your raison d'etre (reason for being)?
to embrace the situation.
11. do you believe in God? Yes
12. do you take illegal drugs? nope.
13. what are your addictions? (drugs, coffee, gambling, alcohol, internet, sex, food, stealing, nicotine, etc.) guitar hero and Steph
14. how long do you think you are going to live? if you had to predict or guess? No clue.
15. how long do you wish you could live? A lot longer.
16. your best memory... seeing this baby colt be born. it was really gross. I thought I was going to throw up, but it was like, wow, that huge thing came out that horse's butt. And the mare was so happy to see it too. Pretty amazing. & then there is trying to learn the tango with Steph.
17. your favourite thing to do on a date? Go anywhere with Steph. I wish we went out dancing more, but there aren't too many places to go too.
18. what makes you smile, each and every time? Steph mostly, but my Uncle Ed can do some funny stuff too.
19. when was the last time someone kissed you? like last night.
20. as Jim Morrison said... (pretend you are looking back...) Did you have a good life when you died? good enough to base a movie on? Well, it wasn't the Outsiders or anything, but there were a few spectacular moments, perhaps...especially with Steph


sid and violet said...

thats somehting about that horse. well..I hope there will be more.

em said...


Ivyoaks said...

I'm glad he thinks so much of Steph.

cait said...

I like about the Outsiders.