Thursday, May 14, 2009

kick it!

Oh, we had to do it. Just couldn't help but take the afternoon off and go. Ain't no way I want to pay 10 bucks for a movie. Matinee, much cheaper, but the treats aren't. And you can't watch Star Trek without popcorn. By the time it was over we needed mentos gum.

All I can say, there is definitely a touch of LOST in this movie. Oh, yeah, we watched that too last night. Won't be back til 2010. What will we ever do meanwhile, wondering where's Juliet. But back to Star Trek. Yeah, Zach Quinto did shine as Spock. I loved Simon as Scotty too. Just wished he'd been in it more. I here they signed up for 3 more of these epic movies with Star Trek. Maybe William Shatner will be in one yet.

Really, its been a lovely day. Not to hot. Still really gorgeous out. Don't find too many days like that, lately.

Now we are off to see Jay. Says he's grilling out tonight. School's not even out yet, and it already feels like summer. Think he and his lady might camp out at Hordes Creek Lake for Memorial day weekend. And we've been invited. Definitely a good way to kick off summer.


Emily Anne said...

Im so excited for summer! And that sounds like a great way to kick it off!

Happy Friday tomorrow love :)

Winnie said...

Oh I want to see Star Trek so bad! I need to watch the last Lost too. I guess there will be a huge cliffhanger as always!

e.l. said...

Lots of suspense in the LOST finale..makes you wonder what will happen next.

blue hearts said...

So much excitement on LOST. Loved Zach on Star Trek.