Monday, May 4, 2009

not like at the movies

I dunno why I had to get know, nervous. It was the same old crowd. You know, not like we invited people from different schools for a dance off or anything. Its just been freaky lately. And I still might have had a brain fart.

Jesus, why do these teachers have to question your intentions? I think they thought I'd been drinking, but I wasn't. I hadn't. Do they worry about the silly girl who drank straight from the punch bowl who I think was high or something. No. Jen was all, 'oh its nothing.' It was something all right. It was her friend too.

Steph thought I was mean to her. I didn't fret much over it. It was nothing.

Steph looked really pretty and well, we danced a little, but her shoes hurt her feet so we didn't do too much but watch other people be silly. No one was serious, you know. Maybe that's how the whole punch bowl thing got started.

Evidenly, somebody got lucky with Ashley. Well, Cole had some idea that he kind of told Steph and me who were sitting in the bleachers. We just looked at each other thinking we didn't really want to hear this. But I don't think Jen would let Ashley get very far. So I don't think there was anything to worry about.

Finally, Steph took her shoes off and we danced. A lot then. So yeah, it was good. It was like getting my second wind or something. Just thankful we got to have our Prom because a lot of schools are closed right now due to the swine flu. But I didn't get to stay out all night with Steph or anything.


Unknown... said...

good you got to have prom. my older sister is afraid they won't have prom. kool blog.

Matias Bouhet said...

hey amazing ellie! I tagged you! visit my blog :) haah

Ivyoaks said... guys are such a couple.

Winnie said...

Glad the prom wasn't cancelled!

The most stunning shoes are always the ones you can't walk in and have to come off at the end of the night.

anthony luvs johanna said...