Tuesday, May 5, 2009

to mark the occasion

We're going to Jay's tonight for Mexican food. Steph and me. It should be fun if I don't drink. I know Jay will want me too, but I don't want him to get in trouble if I get in trouble. So no, I won't be drinking.

I got Steph a ring. Its just sterling silver. We were just walking around at this store and well, there was a sale. They were like fifty or so bucks but I got it for twenty. She just saw this ring. And she liked it. It sort of has this I want to say "Spanish" look to it, but I don't know that for sure. But its silver. What she really wants in an Indian wedding band with turquoise. I know Nana has one that she couldn't wear because her fingers got too fat. She'd wore it when she first got married. It was my grandfather's mother's ring. So I guess it wasn't actually hers. But Jay found it in some of her stuff so he wants me to give it to Steph. I told him he had to call Nana first.

I'm like..but we already got this ring. You know, and Steph was the one who liked it, and I just got it for her because she liked it. Anyway, I'm trying not to cause trouble. And I hope Steph is OK with it.

Strange how you can go months and days and what ever without much happening and you feel all safe in your comfort zone, then something like a ring gets you thinking about obligation, and what does this mean and stuff.

I guess whats a little more freaky is the timing. I mean, definitely, not a purity ring. Possibly, just the opposite. Yeah, we did it. Finally.

I wasn't going to mention it, but you know, I can't. Because it was so, um, well, it felt right. Although, we didn't really plan it. Exactly. Its like we were listening to all these other people, go on and on about the when and where of their moment. The moment to be. And I dunno what to say. And Steph doesn't know what to say.

Anyway, I really didn't think it was going to happen. Us. I mean, I didn't actually have a plan. And you know, where do you go for something like that? Why not the Llano river. Yeap, our first time was in the middle of the sand bar on the Llano river. Water rushing all around. Nature at its best. It was so freaking scary. I mean, we could have had a snake of some kind in our bedroll. Thank God we didn't, and I really didn't think much about that until the next day.

When I think about snakes, poisonous ones too, I'm like, what in the world were we thinking? People wearing mask to stay away from the swine flu, and here we are hoping to land on the right rock so we won't fall in the river in the dark. But no, I wasn't really thinking about danger. It was like being on this adventure. Our adventure. And man, it was hours to drive there. But we're all alone. On this quest.

You see, she'd told me she'd been on the pill for two years. I was shocked. I didn't believe her at first. Not that I asked. But she showed me the package of pills and everything. And told me how she wanted to be prepared for the worst case scenario possible.

And then I'm like, "You'd be up for something like that..." And she just smiles. And I ask where..and that's how we decided on the Llano River.

Yeah, I know, we're idiots.

And now we have rings to mark the occasion. Cheap rings by anyone else's standards. Mine is just a "peace be with you" sterling silver band. Don't care if its a girl ring or not. I'm wearing it proudly. We almost got Survivor rings. But that would make it sound as if was over when its just begun.

Sorry, I can't help smiling about it.


Matias Bouhet said...

smiling is not for ever. "Yeah, I know, we're idiots." ahha, you are great, but wih time all change, something rare have the time, make the things more big and more immature in your mind, just ask for the nex station and go, find some new landscapes....that help me incredibly! haahha thaks for all you comment ellie!


Cait said...

what an adventure! like the rings too.

simon n josh said...

um..yeah, go for it!

Winnie said...

I'm glad that they're both so happy. That is so sweet!

Matias Bouhet said...

yeeah, is thisss! if you want do it, its ok :) hahaa thanks for the comment, just i love your blog haha and go FOR it! simple 3 perfect word my dear!