Saturday, May 2, 2009

worrying for nothing

I feel so out of it ..already. And its not quite even prom. You know, not until tonight. I so need a nap.

This whole week has been freaky with people getting sick and all. Some aren't even going to have Prom at their schools. We are. I should be happy about that, but still, I'm tired. Sleepy. Kind of irritable. know, am I gonna be sick.

Seriously, I'm thinking I need a nap. Maybe that'll help. I'll feel all relaxed and what not. I hope.

God, why am I like this? I mean, its no big deal. Really? Right?

I just want Steph to be happy and you, have a good time. That's all I'm really after.


Why did I have to spend most of the morning at the Houghs. I don't really have a headache. But I might..and you know what they say..that's how it starts.

I know. My nerves are just shot. That's all. That's all there is to it.


simon n josh said...

There's nothing to be afraid of..=D

cait said...

I gotta wonder how prom went.