Thursday, June 11, 2009

does anybody else have a problem with this?

All right. Its not like I'm going to bring this up with what's his name.... Um, Roger. I'd never ever talk about this with him. And here I am about to discuss it to anyone who might read this.

Scenerio: Would you fart in front of your...well, significant other?

Confession: I can't do it. I still can't do it. Maybe it all boils down to the time when I was a kid and my Dad did it in front of who ever he was with at the time. And I was so disgusted. How could he? I mean, she was kind of pissed. And I thought right then at the age of nine, I'm not gonna be that kind of guy. Not gonna. Not me. Not gonna be a thing like my Dad. He still does it.

OK...I might take it a step further. I cannot do (I'll be really careful with this one since who knows might read this) a number 2 when Ellie is around. And this whole trip, has me all messed up. Seriously, like clockwork I can do number 2 at least once a day and generally its after breakfast. And I'm thinking, well, if she leaves for class, I can go to bathroom, and its totally cleared up until the next day.

Yeah, I know, like I shouldn't even be all worked up over this, but I am. I know I'm not perfect, and my dad always said, "Hey, if you can't fart in front of the one your with, you aren't comfortable with them." Like I would listen to that. This is the kid who skipped out of school, just to go home to go to the bathroom then try to sneak back into school.


em said...

wow that was weird:)

Cait said...

This was serious..yet funny, too.