Saturday, June 6, 2009

its just......

I'm not the only one in love with Ellie.

Yeah, her roommate, who's positively gay, but he's in love with her. He just is. Roger can say no all he wants to, but I know its killing him that I'm sleeping with her. But that's just it. I wouldn't be. I wouldn't. I mean, that was not the plan. She'd said, "Oh, you can stay. You'll have your own room and everything....."

No, he's keeping that fucking room for himself. Don't know why? Really, I don't. I mean, is he gonna make it his love dungeon or something?

Its not that I hate Roger or anything. I don't know him.

But what I do know.....

He's just crazy. Crazy for Ellie and I can't even tell her because..because then she'd think I was the one with the problem. And I don't want to be the one with the problem. And hey, I'm in. I think the dude made a mistake, but I'm not gonna worry him about it. Not at the moment.

I still got to get the rent worked out and get all situated. Its all so new, you know. I haven't lived in the city for quite a while. Well, my Mom has her beautiful house which, I'm quite frankly afraid to piss in. And she has her friends and her life etc., I'm not a part of that. And I haven't talked to her in ages. And I don't want to. I do not want to have to call her for money. I won't. I'll do my damndest to never ask her for anything. Once she gets a grip on you, she won't let go. And I definitely can't have that right now.

So yeah, I'm a bum. I'm that bum bumming off Ellie at the moment. I know Roger doesn't like it, and frankly I don't give a damn.


em said...

Uh-oh sounds like something bad might happen

maxxie n tony said...

Yeah, Lon is much more sharp than you'd take him for.

simon n josh said...

I do like his pov.

Raigan said...

love dungeon bahahahahha that made me smile!!! Thank you for just making my day!!!

Sorry i've been so sparatic, geez...but hey i'm keeping up that much i can promise!!!

hope your summer is lovely so far
well if it's started...