Saturday, June 27, 2009

lawn boy

Roger is so not helping the state of things. To tell you the truth.... I can hardly stand being around him. All I hear is Lon the Lawn boy...oh, isn't that just comic genius. Not.


You see with a little help from Lydia...I got on at the campus with the mowing and whatnot.

I've survived Poison Ivy now and got work. I guess for the summer. Can't see me doing this by the fall. I just got on because so many wanted off the 4th and vacations and you know, that kind of thing. I know. I'm lucky to get it. Its not so easy finding a job these days. So I'll take what ever I can get. And I won't have to listen to Roger pester me about it, either. I'll be a work.

Lord knows, where he'll be. Hopefully, Olivia can keep him entertained. He's a might hyper. If you haven't notice. Of course, this doesn't really do much for laundry that needs to get done. The kitchen always looks a mess when he's finished. I'm doing my share. Really. And Ellie does the rest. So if anybody is on vacation, its Roger.


Cait said...

Poor Lon..the things he has to put up with..with Roger.

taffy. said...

wait... so what's going on with lon and ellie?