Monday, June 8, 2009

the right of way

Quite possibly, I've done it this time.

My new found enemy Ben aka Ellie's half-brother, my late employer.

Yeah, it'll be hell to pay if all goes to hell with Ellie. I guess. I have a feeling he wouldn't be happy if Christ himself fell out of the sky and took Ellie for his bride. Ben wouldn't like him, either. I wonder if he feels the same way about his other sister?

OK, Ellie is his little sister. And true they haven't known each other that long. Well, maybe he knew, but she didn't. But I guess that's a lot to live up to, or make up or something. I mean, you can only do so much as a brother.

The closest thing I can come to understanding where he's coming from is the time when Lonnie started seeing Sarah. I knew it would trouble. But what was I suppose to say? He was all so against Steph back then. Thank God, he found the right one to be with.

Steph can be stubborn, and she looks like she could be this little sweet thing you have to protect when really she's strong and could walk a mile or two for you any day without so much a peep out of her. She's good. She's really good for Lonnie.

Maybe one day Ben can say that about me. Yeah, right. Never gonna happen. But I thought we were friends, and he took me on when nobody else would. Said I had potential. Well, you know with the whole animal hospital thing. I mean it was outside work. I helped with a few animal deliveries and what not.

Yeah, probably wishes I was there working for him instead of being here. Hopefully, he doesn't think we're going at it 24/7.


Ivyoaks said...

I like his thoughts.

em said...

It's cool how you have both stories intertwining:)

e.l. said...