Tuesday, June 2, 2009

there was a time

All right. This is how it was.

1. I thought I could make it up to Sarah somehow after all I had put her through. She always made it sound it was my fault. I really thought so. Damn, she made me miserable. Didn't help with the almost restraining order, either. Yeah, she says there was, but really it never was. Just a threat.
2. So I let it go. I did. It was rough. And I thought the only way to do it was just to get on with things. Then she started seeing my little brother.
3. Honestly, I hated it right from the start. I knew it wasn't Lonnie's fault. He's a good kid. And I knew he thought he was the better man. Maybe he was, but I knew she'd do something to him. Some how. Because Sarah is like that.
4. Then when she got all suicidal and what not. I was like, how could she do that? Why would she do that?
5. And here I thought I could save her. Me. I just though, you know, get back to the basics. And I was pretty much living the basics then out on that ranch. But it was good. It really was. That's where I belonged. Then she came along. I was certain it would work. Really, thought it would. Sold myself on it. Only, it didn't do either of us any good in the end.


the oaks said...

I like knowing more about him and Sarah and what happened.

blue hearts said...

This was good. Finding out about Lon.

sid and violet said...

I hope he's on the right track.

em said...

this was good, we got to find out more:)

Ivyoaks said...

I feel sad for Lon.