Sunday, June 14, 2009

to be or not to be

Boyfriend. How can I define that term? Actually. I mean, its so defining and yet puzzling. I mean, its not where you put a ring on it or anything, really. Well, I guess I could. But that really is..old fashioned. And a bit much at the moment. Yet, don't want to take advantage of it, either. Of course, I do.

Shit, I'm not just her boyfriend, I'm fuck'n sleeping with her with the works, you know. What would her Mom think then?

Yeah, I'm a stinking Liar is what I am.

I should just call her up and tell her who I am. I should have the guts to do it. Right?

No, no, I'm going to leave that to Ben...because, that's his job. Let him do that, Yeah, that's what I'll do. What you do, you hold out and enjoy every free moment until then.

And being the boyfriend. Well, that means so many different things, you know. Some girls, it means the guy who buys you what ever you want at the mall. Glad Ellie's not like that. Thank God.

I mean, not that I don't want to. Its just don't want it expected of me, either. I don't think she wants me to buy her things.

I just have to be there for her. And that's really what I want. To be there for her.

The thing is, just to not dwell on it, you know. Just let it happen. Yeah, that's where its truly at. Just let it happen.

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Cait said...

being the boyfriend is complicated..yet, fun.