Saturday, June 20, 2009



1. I have underwear!
2. I have work.

hmmm....for a bit anyway. You know, just yard stuff. Its for that professor that Ellie works for.

I will admit Lydia is a little dingy. Can't imagine who she would have played in Vicki Christina Barcelona. You know, was she the uptight type or the artsy one. Maybe she was neither. Not that I want to know. I really don't want to know.

Its kind of scary when she looks at me and I know what she's been writing about in that novel. Which I haven't mentioned to Ellie as of yet. I might not. Really, I don't think she wants the details, but uh, that Lydia must have been something when she was younger. What if she's still that way?

I do not want to know her too much. I don't. She might want to sketch me in nude or something. I will definitely not let that happen. Don't want to have nightmares about it. Believe me, it would be a nightmare.

Other than that...well....

Roger and Olivia. I'm not sure I know their story. I just feel Roger is sending her the wrong signals. That's all. Maybe he doesn't even know. But he's kind of clingy. And Olivia seems like she's just playing her part, you know. Like its a bit part, but she's OK with that for the time being.

I dunno.

Just wish Jay was here to make real enchiladas.

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Ivyoaks said...

Thank God..underwear! hahahaaa.