Monday, July 20, 2009

presents and what have you


I don't know what I could tell you...other that I'm glad Ellie's back. Its like everything can get back to normal. I think. Right?

She was a little troubled by the whole Roger and Olivia thing, but I don't think it'll let her get the best of her, you know. Hope not. Doesn't seem that way.

Then she mentioned this Nick. Is that going to be another old flame I should worry about?

I'm not really worried. Actually. Not about Eric or Elliot. God, all these E's. What is it about that?

Ellie's Mom gave me chap-stick. I wonder if she thinks I kiss a lot. Yeah, that made me laugh. She got me a lot of soap and stuff to shave with. Some cologne. And beef jerky. I can really use that beef jerky when I'm out working.

I can't even believe she remembered me.



this is nice :)))

past the point said...

I wonder if she thinks I kiss a lot???

Sydney said...

oh my god. i have loads to catch up on.

i'm back :)

Kendra Logan said...

Love the blog so far! I know a family that has two daughters named Sarah and Stephanie. That is so weird!

But keep up the good work!