Tuesday, August 11, 2009

don't think about it

OK, maybe I was being a jerk. Hard to say. Not really. Believe me, I know how to be an asshole when I want to. And I wasn't. Really.

I know Rosie is a touchy subject. Its just I couldn't help myself. I'm on Kyle's side. I know Ellie is too. She just knew I was going to cause trouble. But I didn't.

And I got to meet the awesome Elliot. Yeah, I really think something is going on there with him and Amanda. I dunno. That look he was giving her. I don't think Ellie saw it because she was just nervous around him. Like he was going to give me tips on how to take care of Ellie. I don't think so.

Yeah, it was uncomfortable for Ellie to see an old flame. And better yet, with her friend. Maybe this guy will be good for Amanda. Really, I dunno. He's pretty much a touchy feely kind of guy. I guess. Well, he was with Amanda. God, they have to be having sex. They probably are and I better keep my mouth shut about it, or Ellie might decide to get pretty mad at me. Cause, I know she wouldn't want to think about it. I don't want her to think about it.

Lets face it. Elliot and Amanda are a mute subject.

I'm just saying Kyle better get used to this guy around. I'd hate for Kyle to make a bad situation worse.

Oh, and I'm pretty much into the touchy feely stuff too on occasion. OK, when I know when I can. I can at the moment with someone.


Adela said...

i hope everything goes well! =)


blue hearts said...

I liked his take on amanda & elliot.

taffy. said...

i remember elliot!