Monday, August 17, 2009

out of nowhere

Man, oh man....

I did not see this coming. This thing with Nick and Roger.

One thing, I had no idea Roger could do some damage like that on someone's face. Nick's face of all faces. I mean, he's really the quiet one. I doubt this guy has a devious bone in his body. And he's so vulnerable at the moment. You just know this guy is hurting. Don't know if it really has anything to do with Kelsey or not. You just know he's in a bad way about something. Then Roger goes and hits him in the nose.

You know, they make it sound like its nothing in the movies or on TV. But it ain't no fun. It hurts and you don't bounce back like you think you would.

I've had my share of fights. I'd rather get hit almost anywhere, but the nose. Almost. There are a few more tender parts. But you know, the nose. me nasty shivers.

Nick looked like shit. And I was afraid the nose needed to be tended too, but he was'm gonna be just fine. I deserved it. I really did. Its all my fault.

He's letting Roger off so easy.

I can't believe Roger would think something was going on with Nick and Olivia. I just don't see Nick sneaking around. I think he's pretty much the type who is by the book when it comes to dating. But Roger was drunk. Never seen him quite like this. Oh well, hope Roger's hand is banged up. He really deserves it.


the oaks said...

I liked reading this side of things.

em said...

I still can't believe Roger did that.

simon n josh said...

Yeah, Roger has surprised me.