Friday, October 30, 2009

not my idea

Damn, I'm really pissed with Roger. I know he doesn't like me. I know he never has. I don't really care.

But a Halloween party. Who knows who'll be here. I'm, there was a time, hear the word party..and I'm there man. I am your man. I can party with the best of them. But the fact is, that kind of shit gets old after awhile. Really. Hangovers. Oh, yeah, I know what those are and I don't miss them

I just don't want to do anything that I'm gonna regret. Especially, with Charlie. I'm all he's got at the moment and, you know, I want to be there for the long haul with him.

Its just I don't know if Ellie is ready for this. I told him I wanted to move out. Of course, she was concerned about the weather. That could have been an excuse. And yeah, it not my kind of weather. Hey, I might be ready to get out of this old Nebraska town when winter is over. But, you know, I gotta a job, I like where Charlie has daycare. And I'm so glad I can be with Ellie, but its just temporary.

Anyway, gotta get ready to go over to Olivia's great Aunt's house. We'll see how that goes.


e.l. said...

at least taking respondsibility.

Ivyoaks said...

i want to hear more from him.