Monday, November 30, 2009

a complete different ball game.

Maybe I don't know what I'm getting in to.

But Halloween was like almost a fiasco. I mean, I wouldn't have wanted to put Charlie through that drunk mess. Granted, I've done my share. I'm so done with that. And I like where things are with me and Ellie.

I mean, yeah, I kind of wondered, could I be all that...sober.

Well..yeah, I can be.(making myself laugh now.)

You know, its just different with her. And then we have him. And some day, well...I kind of hope we have one of our own too. I'd just love that. But, uh, I just gotta talk her into getting married. That's so hard. You know, I want it to happen, but then I don't want to make her miserable, either. She's been through so much with me and Charlie already. God, I love her. I really do.

Thanksgiving was a little freaky. I mean, it wasn't exactly a Gossip Girl episode. But we were at her Dad's and Kyle had Rosie. And just after dinner, here comes Amanda.

I dunno what she's expecting. But Kyle was really sweet. You know, he's pretty much staying out of the situation she's got going with Elliot and Eric. But he's still supportive. I feel bad for him too, because I don't think she knows just what kind of great guy she tossed to the curb like that. I mean, he's really a good dad to Rosie. He puts up with all her crying and stuff. Amanda, I mean.

I have this new found something for him. I don't know what to call it, but he's a great guy. Hopefully, some day she'll know that.

Oh...and if that's not enough, we found out from Kyle that his girlfriend outed Nick. Yeah, she tells the whole thing about Nick and his boyfriend Heath to his Mom in the grocery store. Don't know what she has to say about that, but man..why would she do that? Really?

Anyway, Ellie and I have found our own place and well, we'll be on our own soon.

Might be a complete different ball game now.