Monday, December 14, 2009

can't hardly wait

Honestly, I'm thrilled about this trip. I won't be working in the snow, or driving in it for that matter.

Yeah, its taking some getting used too. My pick-up truck is just not used to that much snow. And I can get stuck so easily.

But really, the trip, I'm probably an idiot about it. While, El on the other hand, not so much. She's, I dunno, how to explain it. I think she's afraid of flying. Can you believe that? And yes, we've got Charlie. He'll be fine. I know he will. It won't take that long.

OK, Jay will be driving us out to the ranch which, well, that's hours away from the airport. Promised my Mom we'd see her before we left because she hasn't seen me in so long. Yes, its been a while. Really, a long time. But we weren't getting along. And she always. ALWAYS. I might add. Runs my life which ruins everything in the end. Possibly, she knows this now. I hope. We'll see. She promised she wouldn't give me a hard time about Charlie. It's Ellie she wants to meet. Seems, my Dad has mentioned her. And if Dad is crazy about Ellie then possibly my mother will be, too. So. You know, I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it.

Really, I could take a nap right now. Probably, even on the plane.

I dunno if we'll see Ellie's brother or not. She hasn't said anything about him. And I'm not bringing him up. Well, he says he's OK with me. Maybe he is. Really, we don't have much time for anything when we are there other than the wedding.


dapper kid said...

How exciting, Christmas is always fun for getting everyone together! And I always find it funny how people are scared of flying but somehow fine in the car or crossing the street.

Cait said...

It'll be fun to see how well they do on a trip.

Ivyoaks said...

Looks like it'll be an adventure.