Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

The snow is starting to come down. I think I've seen enough for this year and next, already.

My Dad called. Its snowing in Texas too. Good thing they had the wedding when they did.

Honestly, I could gave stayed in bed all day today. But, when you've got someone like Charlie ready to have fun, change your mind.

We had fun watching him. I keep thinking, he's going to change so soon. He's grown so much since September. I really can't explain how happy I am that he's here.

Just wish it wasn't so cold.

Looks, like we have a date to see the Justice of Peace in January. God, I can't believe we have to wait til January 15th. That just sucks. But I'm happy about it. Only, its gonna be freaky if we do have a wedding in Texas in May and you know, we're like already married. It'll be great. It will. Ellie deserves the big wedding thing. She does.


I dunno. I'm starting to think about this wedding we have to go know, Amanda and Elliot's wedding. Its really odd. Then last night we went to Roger's and there was Eric with this girl he met kind of strange. Something about, she used to live in his apartment and left the cat and well, she wanted to see the cat. Its like, did she come to see Eric or her cat. Obviously, Eric thinks she came to see him, but she wouldn't shut up about that cat. You'd think she gave birth to it. I wouldn't want to burst Eric's bubble, but I dunno if she's quite as great as he might think. You can just see it in his face. He wants her to stay. He really likes having a girlfriend, I guess.
Now I feel sad for him. I do.


Ivyoaks said...

shivers..about the snow.

Ailee Verzosa said...

Happy New Year to you and to your family.
May 2010 bring you more blessings and happiness!

Nishant said...

cool about the engagement.

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