Sunday, December 6, 2009

so be it

It's snowing! It doesn't look quite Christmas yet. From what I hear, its been so lousy about the snowfall. Which, isn't a problem for the guys at work. They kind of enjoy the snowless time this winter. For me, well, yeah..I'd like to see some snow. Take Charlie sledding. He might really enjoy it. Ellie just looks at me like I've lost it. But hey, I'm from Texas, and you don't get to see all that much snow unless you are in the panhandle, and I've never really been there.

We're in the new place. Well, its really not that new. Found a crawl space under the house. Honestly, pretty sure something is under here. I just don't know what. I wanted to investigate, but then Ellie had a small fit about it. Said I shouldn't. She didn't want to call 911 unless she had too, and she was afraid Charlie might fall in and well, she ended up having a nightmare. Said it was the worst horror movie she'd ever witnessed. Really, gotta wonder what's up with Ellie. Honestly, she has a point about our safety, but uh, you know me.

Definitely, should be Christmas shopping, but don't wanna.

This trip to Texas is about to drain me of something. Kind of dreading it. Don't want too. But just a little unsure about... you know, Charlie, my Dad. Lonnie. Steph. I don't think she knows about Charlie. Maybe she does. I hope so. Not something you want to bring up on her wedding day. "Look, its this kid who looks an awful lot like Lonnie!"

Don't think it would actually happen that way. But you know, its on my mind.

Then we've got Ellie's Mom being a real piece of work, lately. She acts all happy that we're together, then she gets Ellie alone and makes her feel bad about everything I'm putting her through. I swear, Ellie could have met Jesus Christ and if he'd asked her to marry him, her mother would have a problem with it.

But get this, she treats me like royalty. She really does. Like I can do no wrong, then she'll corner Ellie, tell her she's throwing her life away on a guy with a kid. It sucks. You know that. It does, and I wish Ellie would stop talking to her. Yeah. I wish I knew what to do. I do. But I act like everything is OK.

God, everything is OK, isn't it?

OK..there is one more thing really bothering me. Those birth control pills that Ellie takes. Yeah, I don't like what they do to her. Honestly, I think its the pills giving her the headaches. It couldn't be me. It just couldn't be.


kirstyb said...

oh i hope it doesnt snow here - way too cold x

Cait said...

brrrr..looking like Christmas here. I loved this one!

Ailee Verzosa said...

i would love to experience another white Christmas...

Ivyoaks said...

Oh..its cold and snowy here too. I dunno about that birth control though.

ellie said...

I ma thinking about making more changes in this blog..more 1st person of Ellie & Lon living on their own. I guess.