Tuesday, December 15, 2009

the truth is

There is just so much I don't want to think about at the moment. Like getting sick as soon as I got there.

They are so nice and sweet and really, I wish I could stay in bed. But I can't. I have to smile and say I'm OK. Which I am, but when the look at me, they are thinking Oh God, that girl is gonna have a baby, isn't she.

But they haven't said too much.

Got to see Steph. Don't really know her. She kind of, I dunno. You know, one of those kind of people you might never know. Like you aren't sure she likes you or not. While I'll probably tell you everything and then some. But it was late when I saw her. I was a wreck just on that drive back. Charlie slept on plane. In the car.

Now he's a wake and well, kind of bad. He just ran like a wild man through the house and tore some ornaments off the tree and also a lamp. He knocked it over. It was an antique. Lon's step-mom said it was her grandmother.

And Lon is so different around them. It kind of odd. I don't want to say anything. Its like he's just grinning a little too much. While I on the other hand should try harder, but I don't want to.

Honestly, I'm trying to make an effort. I am. Just want to do the wedding and go home. I guess.

Then Lonnie has so much going on. I've hardly seen him. He's in classes. Working for Ben and this Ranch he does something too. I have just been stayed put with Charlie. Honestly, I don't know what to do with him. He just wants to be outside. And I feel miserably stuffy when I'm out. Lon's all, Mr. Cheerful and lets Charlie run all over him, which he's not like that at home. At all.

Yeah, I'm beginning to figure out that we do so much better when family is not around.


Emerald said...

Waitwaitwaitwait. Who's pregnant? :O

the oaks said...

Interesting what Emerald brought up..hehehehe..hmmm..what could it mean? Oh, its typical. Hope she feels better soon.

fan fic said...

How terrible about getting sick and all.