Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Why now? Q & A with Ellie and Lon

Why decide to get married now? Dead of winter. Spur of the moment, practically.

Ellie: Why not?

Lon: I didn't want to wait. I always wanted to get married. To the right person, of course. And well, why wait? You know, I wanted us to spend more on us being married than some big thing that makes this one mad about that. Always something. This way, we can focus on our life together.(Lon looks at Ellie)

Ellie: You're talking about my mother, aren't you? (Ellie looks at Lon a bit peeved)

Lon: (slyly laughs) It has nothing to do with your mother. (He smiles and holds her hand as if they are in this together) Besides, I've never felt quite this right about anything, you know. And I love the sound of Mrs. Ellie Love. (He smiles. She smiles with a sigh).

Ellie: Well, we've been together for a while. I guess we could have waited until summer, but well, it was the right thing (She smiles and nods, looking at Lon as if they might be giddy enough to start a song from the musical OKLAHOMA)

Lon: Really, this is so important to me. Family, and it feels good knowing I'm with such an amazing person. (Lon gushes) It's true. And honestly, I think she makes me a better person.

So will there be a honeymoon?

Ellie: We'd love that so much. Its so cold here. I wish we could get away to the beach. Some place warm, but, you know. We can wait. (she nods and looks at Lon)

Lon: I wanted us to go some place right now. But, Ellie  is taking classes and there's Charlie to think about. So we'll be going to Texas in March. Charlie gets to spend some time with his parents and well, we'll get our honeymoon. (he smiles)

A trip down memory lane? Corpus Christie?

(They both shake their heads no.)

Ellie: (smiles) No, we're going to Austin this time.

(they say in unison.)

South by Southwest here we come!