Saturday, February 13, 2010

its always a mystery

I don't want her worrying about Eric, but she will. Ellie always does. What was it with those two? They didn't....all right. I'm not jeolous. If thats what you think.

But this guy. Eric. He gets into these mind blowing situations.

OK, I should not talk like that. I've gotten in a few, myself. Granted. I thought it was love. Turned out to be dramaroma, instead. And, I got to wonder if thats what he just might thrive on. I don't know. Not like I'm going to have a conversation with him. After all, he is Ellie's ex.

God, why am I thinking of this..when I should be thinking about Valentines day.

I'm so sick of winter and all. Its hard to think about Valentines day.

She is getting flowers. Roses. Red roses. She does really put up with a lot. I'd take her out, but it'll be crowded. I hope she likes this DVD I got her. Something about New York City. All these five minute stories. I think it'll be better than that Valentines movie that's out.

Maybe we'll do something with Roger and Olivia. Now their's the romantic. Roger. I don't think they ever do anything on Sunday mornings, but stay in bed. When we used to live there, once I saw that he was painting her toenails. In bed. Not that, there is nothing wrong with that.

Hmmm...I wonder if I can do that in the morning. If only I could get Charlie to cooperate.


Ivyoaks said...

hahaha..his ideas for Valentines if Roger would be the expert..ahahahaa..

the oaks said...

Painting her toe sexy!