Wednesday, March 3, 2010

all is not lost

Olivia is sick. Yet again. Personal stuff. Well, not serious serious..but still...its an on going problem with her..and Roger. I guess.

I couldn't take her to the doctor because it would have been the Charlie show if I had. We aren't taking him much to the day care lately since I'm not taking classes..and well, the weather and so many germs it seemed like defeating the purpose, and well..its good to save the money too.

I don't feel comfortable hauling him everywhere with me like some mothers. And yeah, I'm sort of a step-mom. OK, I am. Its just not so easy to get used too.

I don't know how Amanda does. But is she actually doing it. Really, she hasn't had Rosie to take care of in a long time. Kyle's been taking care of her. Well, I don't know how Kyle does it. He's such a natural. And Rosie really behaves too. Unlike Charlie who seems to be trying me at every angel. I sometimes, thinks.

We have to get him back in daycare just to be potty trained. I've decided. Well, my mom says that's how I got potty trained. I was potty trained there long before I was at home. According to her. We are kind of speaking. I think. I hope.

Anyway, I'm going to start back to summer school. I will. She says I won't. She says I'll come up with an excuse. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't amount to anything just like she says.

I'm sorry I can't be a lawyer or a doctor or whatever it is she's expecting me to be. Evidently, my sister nor I turned out anything like she wanted. At least my brother is a veterinarian.

Oh, did I tell you, he has a baby girl now. But he and his girlfriend are no longer together. I dunno what happened. He won't talk about it. He hasn't talked to me much about anything, lately. I dunno if it has to do with Lon or what. I thought they were like best friends at one time. Apparently, I messed that up. And guys think women have friendship problems.

Other than that, there is the Amanda and Eric thing to wonder about. You know, just how involved will he be in all of this. I think he's worried he won't see the baby enough. Well, that's what Olivia says. But he's right there now with the whole birthing so maybe all is not lost.


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