Sunday, March 7, 2010

and then

I gotta wonder when we'll get this party started. Amanda is coming home with the baby. But they live like an hour away and well, I dunno if Ellie really wants to visit. I mean, we have our hands full with Charlie. And she let me cook again.

Sometimes, I wonder if she'd like to do the cooking, and I handle Charlie. She says she doesn't like to cook.

She's been on this kick, talking to him all the time. About everything. And she's really so kind, and everything. I know he needs to go back to the day care. He's getting spoiled, and we are both afraid he won't like to play with kids again.

Its just so know, let him go so he can get sick and then we stay home with anyway, or keep him at home where he's isolated from other kids.

We both read to him. And its kind of driving her crazy that he's not talking more. I told her how I was when I was baby. Once I started talking, I didn't want to shut up. Its so hard.

And then Amanda having this new baby. And Eric's the Dad.  I wonder how that'll work out. I had this friend in college who e-mailed me to tell me he was a Dad and I don't think he's ever been with the kid. I mean, I've sort of been there. Kind of. I was there when Charlie was born, like the first month and then well, things changed.

I'm just glad we have him in our life. I dunno what I'd do if things change again and he has to go back to his Mom. I know this is selfish, but I hope it never happens. That's so sad to say, but you know, I feel like he belongs with us.

Yet, I find myself worrying about it.

Hope this situation with Eric and Amanda will work out smoothly. Its hard to be parents.



Ivyoaks said...

Its hard raising a little one.

Cait said...

Thats so sweet.

Anonymous said...

I think he's a good dad.

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