Saturday, July 17, 2010

a restless wind

In all honesty. We are back on track. I believe that. Really, I do. You know, I'm thinking nothing can stop us now. We're having a baby! And I just can't help but gloat about it. And..and I'm not letting Ellie's Mom bring us down.

"Well, she's acting weird." Ellie's still not sure where her mom is coming from, and she's letting it bring her down. I mean, we need to be thinking about where the baby will go here. Will Charlie be OK to share a room with?

"Just don't try to figure it out." Really, she shouldn't. She should just be happy about us and our family. She can't change her mother.

And lets not forget about the Kyle and Amber situation.

I dunno about that. Really, I mean it happened so fast. OK, so did Ellie and me. And yeah, I'm getting it from home too. A BABY! ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND? See, not tons of joy, by any means. It just takes them awhile to warm up. I see how my Dad is around Charlie. He loves him. He does. But then he wasn't exactly pleased about that, as I remember. Anyway, everyone is busy in my family with Lonnie and Steph's new arrival. A baby girl. Thank God, not another Lon. And the name doesn't begin with an L, either. Tristan Love.

Of course, we haven't gone all the way to Texas to see it. Its just too hot. I sweat enough as it is at work. And I'm trying to help Kyle. I think I found a job for him. Hopefully, all is well in this rocky boat of ours. You just have to keep swaying with it.


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ori said...

Tristan for a girl name.