Sunday, August 29, 2010

end of summer

OK, I'm a rotten sister. Not taking care of nephews, but I'm doing well to take care of Charlie. I'm thankful he still goes to daycare. I dunno if he can go full time. Probably not. Probably shouldn't. He's really becoming this little man. He shares his toys now. I'm so happy he's being really sweet.

I'm just getting fat. Pure and simple. Even if Lon claims I'm not.

Anyway, we are having this very slow go of a weekend and..and Kelsey show up with this guy, I guess she met on the internet. I'm not quite sure. But he's so different than I expected. Kind of country. Sort of. I mean, immediately, Jack and Lon hit it off. It was so simple.

And Jack has a kid already. And...I dunno..I've never seen Kelsey quite like that.

I always think of her kind of being bossy. Of course, I remember when Kyle used to treat her as a Saint some kind. Really, I didn't like her that much in high school. I guess I just always figured she'd end up with Nick somehow. But that was when I thought Nick was straight. That was way before he met Heath.

So, Kelsey is pregnant with Nick's brother's baby. Its so complicated. She thought for awhile that Nick and Heath were going to adopt the baby, but looks like she's going to keep it now.

We had a really good time. We cooked together. She made gravy. I had no idea she even knew how to make gravy. I have to admit I felt like we were in the country or something. It was all so casual. And everyone had a good talk. Jack's little boy played with Charlie.

Really, can't say we've had that much fun all summer. It was like we had so much in common. She's pregnant. I'm pregnanat. Charlie and Grady are about the same age. I hope it works out for them. Kelsey seems really happy, and she's so different around Jack. Yeah, Jack just makes Kelsey so likeable. That was the last thing I thought would happen.



a jacob black tale said...

awesome new header!!!

molly said...

Cool new header. Like the update too.

ori said...

Cool. That's great to have friends over like that.

OneCraftyFox said...

You girls lead some complicated lives, lol! Just teasing. Funny how life turns out sometimes though!

Syed said...

Awww it's sweet that they have fun together!

La Jodi3 & La Couture said...

summer ended too quickly!