Friday, September 17, 2010


OK, I don't know why its bothering me now. Well, really it isn't. I mean, there was a time I thought Eric was the only guy for me. But then again, that was years ago. It feels like a long time ago. I was so naive then. I suppose he had good intentions..back then, in high school.

But things change. You meet someone, who you fancy, and really mess things up that you thought could be perfection. Maybe I'm glad I did. I dunno. I try not to dwell on it.

I do think he's a better guy now, than when I knew him. He had a lot of growing up to do, and the last year or so he's grown a lot.

Of course, there was a time we were pretty mad at him. Like summer before last. Having a little fling with Amanda, of all people, in Italy. Two people I would never think would hook up. Did. And then I knew he thought his life was ruined, thinking he wouldn't be a part of his baby son's life. And being so alone. Forever.

Now, he's getting married (Evan is very much a part of his life). Just not to Amanda, who did marry the guy she wanted. After all. But Elliot's another story.

Yeah, Syd is pretty special. They met because the place he was renting came with a cat. A cat that belonged to Syd. And well, it was a modern romance. I guess. They talked a good bit on the phone,e-mails, texts, skype. Then she came to see him at Christmas. And here they are now, getting married. Finally. And I'm glad I can be friends with my ex-boyfriend's fiance.

I really hadn't planned on it. I really hadn't planned on ever knowing much about Eric, ever again. Since I kind of burned that bridge my Junior year thinking I could get him back, but I didn't. And now, he just lives down the street from me with Syd.

Of course, I dunno how he feels about Lon. I don't really care. I'm not sure Lon has ever been alone with him. I mean, we have dinners and what not through the summer. They really don't have that much in common, yet Syd and I walk to the park a couple times a week.

And I don't really talk about Eric. She never asks me how he was in high school. We just enjoy NOW. She shows me a thing or two about knitting. I show her crochet. And yet she still knits. I still crochet. Neither of us are trying to win the other over. She likes to knit sweaters and scarves. I like to crochet hats. And we talk about being pregnant, dreams, our favorite songs on Glee, how to make the perfect pie crust (which neither of us really know the answer too.) and things we remembered doing in 1995. Yeah, no reason to dwell on Eric. I'm glad she found him. I'm glad I met Lon.

I think I'm better at keeping friends than I used to be.



gleenn said...

Lovely story. I'm friends my ex too, but civil with his wife. It was a very dramatic break up between us and that was just too much for his wife now to forget. But I and my ex got over our anger are genuinely happy for each other right. I too am getting married in 3 mos.

I guess making friends with an ex is awesome, a platonic that is :)

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cass and cady said...

I think they have both grownup and are more wise now.

Vicky K. said...

great story!

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