Monday, September 27, 2010

that time of year

You know, there was a time I didn't think there would ever be any babies around. I guess it all started with Charlie and that was kind tricky. I guess a part of me felt obligated to help out Sarah. After all, we had history and well she could make things miserable. Anyway, Charlie changed all that for me. And yeah, my Dad was all, don't get to attached. Seriously, gotta wonder if my dad ever got attached to any of us. Maybe the younger ones, my younger siblings that are in middle school now. And then when we got him, I was like, I can't let him down. Just can't. Even if he can be as rotten as they come, sometimes.

Now, its like all our friends are having kids. Its just crazy. Like who's idea was that? And they all look at me, or maybe Charlie. As if.

Anyway, it just makes me smile more that we're gonna have a new addition (or is that edition) well, maybe we'll upgrade...which means more baby proofing and a nursery ready. I don't think we want the new baby in the same room with Charlie even if he promises how good he'll be. Ellie has nightmares already of him trying to get the baby out of the crib. He's not the Incredible Hulk Toddler. I think he'll be OK.

As it is, Syd and Eric have a baby girl and a baby boy. But not twins. Evan is about 7 months or so and he's scooting around. He's with his Mom right now, but Eric is the main caregiver since Amanda had some baby blues or something like that. She's a lot better now. And I think she can take care of Evan. If not, Eric's parents are taking care of him. That would be so tough. Cause, you know, I'd really miss my kid and I'm sure he'll miss Eric.

Then another friend of Ellie's had a baby boy. So I guess we'll have to go and see them if Ellie feels like it. They live out in the country in a trailer. I have to admit I envy them, but I wouldn't want a house trailer. Just don't trust those tornadoes that come ever now and then. I'm hoping Jack will build a house. At the moment, its mainly a fence we're worrying about. I told him I'd help him if he needed me.

We just don't do anything fast anymore. If you must know, its finally good sleeping weather around here. Its getting down in the 40's now. Good apple picking time which means apple pie and other apple goodies.



Jan said...

Thanks for your lovely comment!
The velvet legging is from Primark,
but they also sell them at H&M I believe... :)

lucy and sarah said...

Wow, looks like babies everywhere.

simon and josh said...

I'm glad he's making friends and fitting into baby daddy mode.

Winnie said...

I think it's scary when you realise the people around you are getting married and having not ready to grow up yet!

redumbrellachronicles said...

So true. Loving your blog and your writing style.