Saturday, November 6, 2010

always something wrong.

All right. I spoke my mind. I just had too.

Really, do we have any business keeping Ellie's sister's kids. They are at her Dad's. Her sister's husband hasn't gone anywhere.

I mean, times are hard. Gas is going up. We live like an hour away from them. And I'm working. We've got Charlie to look after. And I don't mean that as a chore, or anything. I love him and its enough for him to get used to the fact that he's got a sibling coming.

It'll be here before you know it. A new edition. And I need for Ellie to take it easy. I'm not sure if she has, you know. With all this going on with her sister.

Sorry, I should back up. I just couldn't help but rant.

Lisa (Ellie's sister) was in a wreck on the way to work. Yeah, broke both her legs. She ran right into a truck that was stopped in front of her.

I'm glad that wasn't Ellie. I'd be in pieces. And, and I know it isn't easy right now for them. But she's got her husband even if Ellie thinks they are going to call it quits.

Geo was in the army. He ended up, you know where bad things are happening, still. For most of it. And now, he's out, because, well...he hurt his back. He can't seem to find a job. I guess I should have helped more, but they are living for free at Ellie's Dad's, you know. And, and really, maybe things are a lot better for them than a lot of people right now.

So uh, I had to be kind of bad. Bad ass. I guess. Actually, its kind of easy to be that way with Ellie's mom. I guess because...I know..I definitely know the woman hates me. And you know, it bothered me at firs, but now I don't give a damn. Cause, I gotta wonder if her Mom really likes anything or anyone..especially, when it comes to Ellie.

We have to live our life. We have to be there for each other. And I love Ellie. And I do what I can for her family, but this is us. And if she thinks I'm some selfish bastard, then let her think that. Cause I really don't care. I don't think she's thinking of Ellie at all sometimes. She doesn't make her feel happy that she's gonna have my baby.

Really, I don't want to get ugly with Ellie's Mom. I just want her to leave us the hell, alone.



Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

I love how this story is like entries in a diary -- very, very clever!!

little t said...

Cute blog- having fun reading it x