Wednesday, November 3, 2010

blowing with the wind

Halloween was pretty calm. Actually. For us, anyway.

Of course, Charlie thinks everytime he puts on his Spiderman muscle suit that he should go door to door for candy now. Hasn't quite got the concept. And we have to practically keep the candy under lock and key. Naturally, Lon complained, we'd have candy in that bucket for next Halloween..the way I'm dishing it out. We didn't get that much candy. But I don't want this sabotaging his teeth, either.

I found out from Leia that she's having a root canal done for the second time on her tooth. I had no idea that could happen. She said her Mom's had the same thing done for a third time in the same exact spot in her mouth. Something about 4 roots in a tooth. It all makes me cringe to think about it. I don't like the dentist, and I do everything I can to make sure the trip goes smoothly.

Leia and I don't talk a lot. She's still at home and has a job at a school. She's pretty much normal after her big motorcyle accident that was way over a year ago now. And she didn't hook up with the guy she'd met in rehab. Well, not the Lynsey Lohan kind of rehab. This was mainly a place to help her get back on her feet.

We just talk sometime on the phone. I'm not sure she'd want to see me. She doesn't ever ask me about the pregnancy. Usually, we just talk about her.

Anyway, I'm still getting in a lot of walks. Sometimes, I walk with Syd in the afternoon before school is out. I did witness a silly thing a couple of days before Halloween on our street. The wind was so massive yet not brutal. These middle school girls took a hefty size branch that fell and flung it on the lamp post. Sending chards of wood everywhere on the street. I yelled at them. I'm sure it didn't do any good. They ran. I yelled more, "I'm watching you!" Of course, Lon just laughed at me.

Well, I'm baking a chicken for supper. No need for a crock pot. The oven will warm the house up. Lon doesn't think we need the heat on yet. But there is a chill in the air.

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MyStyle said...

Hi there-sounds like Lon and Ellie have settled down really well, great writing, keep it up! xx