Thursday, November 11, 2010

keep calm

There is a real frost this morning. Shivers. Winter is coming.

And here I am still on bed rest. Lon doesn't want to catch me even standing up, looking out of the window. Stupid high blood pressure.

I really envy Syd, you know. She never had a problem with anything during her pregnancy. And now, I feel nothing but trouble, for everyone.

Amanda was over a day or so ago. She seemed...different.

I wonder if she's trying to hard with Elliot. And maybe, just maybe Elliot isn't at all like I thought he was, either.

Sure, I remember how he was when he worked at Michaels. Talk about Lady's Man. You betcha. He had a fan club. And he must have gone out with all of them. I mean, I don't know how serious it all was, but he could easily get what he wanted, because after all he was just pretty Elliot. And I have to say, I always thought they were a very odd combination. But what do I know.

I hope things are just as peachy as she says they are. She just makes over him. Its like he's her child and she's spoiling him rotten. I do wonder now if perhaps, he was the main reason why she gave up Evan, her baby with Eric, so easily. She did it for Elliot.

OK, maybe she was depressed, and overwhelmed. But talk about being the good wife. I'm not that good.

I don't think about weekly menus and what parts of the house need a weekly scrubbing. Its just kind of annoying to listen to her now. But it was pretty funny when she told me how she can't tell his cousins apart. And now one is coming back, and Elliot's parents expect him to help out this cousin. It'll be Amanda doing all the work. I just know it.

She is my friend. And I think she's woke up to realize there is more to life than just Elliot. She brought us brownies. She was afraid they wouldn't be worth eating, but they were really good. I know, I wasn't going to eat one. I ate a little of Lon's.

God, I'm getting worried about the baby. I am. Lon says not to worry, but this being pregnant is starting to bother me. What if its not that great of a child birth. I want everything to be all right. I do. Its just hard to keep calm. So hard.


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autumn said...

Guess she just needs to relax. :)