Saturday, January 29, 2011

in a thaw

We are kind of in a thaw..but you know..that means ice..on the driveway. Naturally.

Still pretty tired here.

Took the kids to the zoo today. It was free.

Why did we go? It'll just mean colds. I'm sure of it. But we would have gotten cabin fever, otherwise. Not sure it that really makes you sick. Possibly...just insane.

Hannah got to visit with the wolf boy down the street. Well, he doesn't wear his wolfman Halloween costume as much as he did. I don't think Ellie likes the kid. Its an on going battle. I know she wants to watch out for Hannah, but sometimes..well, she needs to live and learn. Anyway, I'm pretty sure she could kick his butt if she had too.

For one, she can out run him. He even asked my how she learned to run so fast. I just told him it was a family secret.

Hannah is the type of girl, who loves to have friends, but still wants to be in charge. I know Ellie seems to think I only see Hannah through rose colored glasses, but I know what she's made of. It just makes me smile sometimes. Yeah, Hannah might be more like my mother than I even want to admit.


p.s...snow on the way Monday.