Sunday, January 23, 2011

snowy mountains in the lawn

We have 6 inches of fresh snow. It was a slow go going anywhere last night with the blowing snow. I've been staying home.

I'm pretty sure Hannah is bored. Thank goodness, for the library. Books and videos for everyone.

I watched most of Julie and Julia tonight. I'm not sure I'll do anything major in the kitchen..since I did burn a boiling egg this week.

Yeah, I did make Lon pretty mad. Its just..the smoke detector didn't go off in the part of the house where I was with the baby. And the detector we thought was working in the kitchen didn't go off. So that meant a trip to the hardware store. So maybe it was actually a blessing in disguise.

Everything is OK, but a blacken pot. One of my favorite pots too. I'm hoping I can clean it up. If not, maybe I can get a Paula Deen pot or something. I want it to be stainless steal.

So, yeah, going around in circles, trying to keep warm. Trying to keep the little one happy.

Oh, I did have a visit from Roger. I possibly ranted too much about Lon around him. He so loves babies. He was kind of weird around Zoe. I can't see him taking care of her, but maybe he could. He babysits Rosie (Kyle's little girl) sometimes.

Well, I better think about bed. Everyone else is around here.



Yesha said...

So much going on for Ellie.

Btw, I like your layout here. :D

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Loving getting caught up with the drama. Would love to know more about Roger.

xo Mary Jo